Developing slow fashion

Lene Madsen, Knit Designer


I have for many years had a great interest in environmental issues and felt that we need to rethink todays consume and throwaway mentality. Every little project matters for the future, want to get away from mass-produced disposable products.

I am trained as a garment technician and designer.
For many years I worked at various purchasing offices in Borås as a garment technician.
10 years ago I started Leluma Design beacause I did not find clothes in pure natural materials. That's why I started creating my own.

I create locally produced, environmentally friendly, sustainable knitted products that include heart and soul. Products that are made to be used and enjoyed for many years.

My thought is that the customer may participate and create their product by making their own choices of pattern, yarn and colour.


Take a look at my webshop. Is there a product you want in different color or size. Contact me by email and we can discuss if it is possible to do as you wish.

Design with thoughtfulness.

I primarily use environmentally friendly, locally produced and when possible organic yarns. Wool from Swedish and Danish sheep, linen from Hälsingland, organic cotton and alpaca from Peru.

I also sometimes use second-hand yarns from old Swedish knitting factories. 

I knit on Silver Reed knitting machines of various degrees of fineness that are hand-driven. A computer software program can be connected in which I design various patterns.